Delta Kompani started its operations in 2018 in Skopje. It all started with one great idea to supply the buyers with quality products such as tapes, but based to the continuous success and positive results for each year the company expanded the line of its products including aluminium and pvc profiles for ceramic tiles, importing mostly from Turkey and Greece. The company has a warehouse with a surface of 200m2 and it works only in wholesale, in this way we are building bridges between our company and new customers, simplifying their daily work by offering them over 100 products.


Our vision is to make our company one of the most successful companies with a long-term strategy and professional management team following our goals and objectives. We will continue with importing new product lines and make our warehouse constantly expanding. Our mission is to make our customers statisfied and make them believe in our quality and quantity in any time of their need. Based on the competition, our next challenge is creating a brand in the market and being different from others with competitive prices.


Our target market are wholesale supplyers (technical equipment stores, hardware stores, etc), and retail customers (every householder), we supply them with high quality products and we offer them warranty with our commitment and service. Our aim is to earn long-term customers, to care about them with respect, not just when they buy the products, but for as long as they use them.


Our environment is our responsibility and a lifetime careness, we want to live in a pure area and breath clean air, so we are creating a company with other members to manage rubish from packagings.